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What Is Homeopathy

What Is Homeopathy?



Homeopathy is medicine. But it's a completely different practice of medicine. The Philosophy of "like cures like" is the foundation of understanding about how homeopathy works. Most remedies are derived from nature and are used to treat anything from acute issues such as abrasions, the common cold, ear infections, sore throats, to female symptoms, twisted ankles, and even black eyes! But they are also effective in treating chronic issues such as arthritis, migraines, diabetes, allergies, anxiety, UTIs, sleep issues, and even cancer.

Through the process of dilution, there is no genetic material that remains of the original sample. Matter cannot be destroyed; therefore, the energetic imprint remains. This makes homeopathy gentle, with no side effects, or interactions. Homeopathy is gentle, but highly effective. These medicines work to ignite your body’s own healing process.

Homeopathy treatment is part of our overall approach towards healing. We hope to offer classes to our patients to educate and empower them to use homeopathy at home!